2003 Porshe Boxster from KENSINGTON, MD 20895

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Complaints /Requests:

> Clutch is slipping.
> Coolant is leaking under the car.
> Engine oil has to be topped off often.
> Oil is leaking at the back of the engine.
> Order new remote key.
> Engine is not running smooth.
> Trunk lid doesn’t open from inside the  car.
> Inspect vehicle for needed services.

Diagnosis / Work done:

> Replaced flywheel, clutch assembly, rear crankshaft seal and transmission input shaft seal.
> Tested and replaced engine coolant pumpand thermostat assembly.
> Tested and replaced engine oil separator.
> Cleaned oil from throttle valve and intake manifolds runners.
> Intermediate shaft flange seal was leaking oil.
> Installed new LN engineering IMS bearing kit.
> Ordered new key and programmed.
> Replaced engine mount bushing.
> Replaced trunk latch and cable.
> Replaced rear brake pads,discs and sensors.
> Synthetic oil and filter change.