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Complaints / Requests:

  • Clutch is inoperative.
  • Engine oil is leaking under the car.
  • Brake pedal pulsates when it is applied.
  • Parking brake is inoperative.
  • Front windshield is chipped.
  • Windshield wipers are chattering.

Diagnosis / Work done:

  • Tested and replaced clutch and fly wheel.
  • Replaced rear crankshaft seal and transmission input shaft seal.
  • There was no friction material left on one side of clutch disc and almost finished on the other side.
  • Clutch has been slipping for a long time.
  • Inspected and replaced engine oil filter stand gasket and oil cooler seals.
  • Rear brake discs were warped.Replaced rear brake discs.
  • Inspected and replaced left side parking brake cable and adjusted.
  • Repaired front windshield.
  • Flushed cooling system.
  • Flushed brake fluid.
  • Flushed engine oil.
  • Replaced front and rear windshield wipers.
  • Md state safety inspection.
My Car characteristics
Make Mini Cooper
Model Mini Cooper
Year 2004
Year performed 2015
Month performed October

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