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Complaints /Requests:

  • Front suspension is noisy over bumps.
  • Front outer cv boot is open.
  • Steering rack tie rods are frozen and tire toes setting could not be adjusted.
  • Engine is noisy when A/C compressor is turned on.
  • Replace supercharger oil.
  • Replace engine water pump.
  • Power steering pump cooling fan is noisy.
  • Exhaust is noisy.
  • Check engine light is on.
  • Synthetic oil and filter change.
  • Left front camber palte bearing was noisy.

Diagnosis / Work done:

  • Installed new camber strut kit.
  • Replaced right front axle boots and axle shaft bearing.
  • Replaced steering rack tie rods and right steering rack boot.
  • Replaced noisy A/C compressor.
  • Replaced supercharger oil.
  • Cleaned air cooler.
  • Replaced engine water pump.
  • Replaced power steering pump cooling fan.
  • Performed diagnostic test. Code P0171 was present.
  • Tested and replaced leaking air intake tube and fuel filter.
  • Synthetic oil and filter changed.
My Car characteristics
Make Mini Cooper
Model Mini Cooper
Year 2003
Year performed 2015
Month performed Sept

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