Mercedes Benz SLK350 Service and Repair From Washington, DC.

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Complaints / Requests:
Check brakes.
Check tires.
Burning smell under the hood.
Replace engine air filter.
Vehicle due for transmission service
Oil leak from engine..
Flush brake system.
Flush cooling system.
Vehicle due for service.
Engine cranking too slow.
Squeaking noise from engine.
Engine has excessive vibration.
Replace spark plugs.
SRS light is on.
Steering is hard to turn.
Diagnosis / Work done:
Replaced rear brake rotors and pads.
Inspect for burning smell and replaced engine crank case vent valve and cam plug covers.
Replaced engine air filter.
Serviced transmission with filter and pan gasket. Reset the transmission fluid level.
Inspected for engine oil leak and replaced oil filter housing gasket and oil cooler gasket.
Flushed brake system.
Flushed cooling system.
Performed service “B”.
Checked engine cranking operation. Tested and replaced .battery. Tested charging system. Normal operation at this time.
Inspected for squeaking noise from engine. Tested and replaced serpentine belt, both idler pulleys, and belt tensioner.
Road tested and checked for engine vibration. Tested and replaced both engine mounts and transmission mount. Reset the sensor gear adaptation.
Tested and replaced spark plugs.
SRS light is on, tested and replaced passenger seat belt buckle.
Check steering operation. Flushed steering system and road tested the vehicle.
Mount & balance two tires.