Mercedes G55 Service and Repair From Daniels, MD.

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Engine hesitates and has a hissing noise when gas pedal is initially pressed.
Engine does not have enough power.
Wiper blades are noisy.
Inspect vehicle for needed services.

Diagnosis/ Work done:
Tested vehicle, re-secured hose clamp between supercharger inter cooler and air intake runner. Reset air and fuel mixture adaptation.
Inspected vehicle, battery under voltage code is set in many control units including engine control unit. Tested alternator, it charges 70 amps. Replaced alternator and engine battery. Re-tested vehicle, alternator charges 110 amps, cleared all diagnostic trouble codes.

Mercedes Benz schedule “B” service.

Flushed cooling system.

Tested and replaced engine spark plugs and ignition wires.

Tested and re-secured windshield wiper motor.

Replaced engine accessory and supercharger belts.

Replaced fuel filter.