Mercedes Benz E350 Service and Repair from Washington, DC.

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Check Brakes.
Bulb malfunction light is on.
Check engine light is on.
Inspect vehicle for needed services.
Squeaking noise from engine.
Noise inside the car when heat is on.

Diagnosis/ Work done:
Replace front tires and bent wheels.
Mounted and balanced two tires.
Replaced rear disc pads, rotors and sensor.
Tested and replaced right front marker light bulb.
Tested and replaced all camshaft adjuster solenoids.
Tested and replaced engine coolant thermostat, cleared codes retested vehicle, no codes present at this time.
Replaced intake manifold flap linkage bracket.
Mercedes Benz scheduled “C” service.
Removed and replaced cabin and air filter.
Tested and replaced engine drive belt, tensioner and idler pullies.
Tested and replaced blower motor.
Installed and programmed Bluetooth module.
Installed Phone cradle and pass-through interface.
Installed Eccentric bolt kits and performed a wheel alignment.
Tested and replaced stop lamp switch.
Replaced front lower control arm bushings.