Mercedes Benz E320 from ALEXANDRIA, VA 22310

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Complaints /Requests:

> Check engine line is on and car looses  power.
> Engine had a faint smell of diesel fuel.
> Front suspension is too soft.
> Front suspension is noisy.
> Battry failure warning light is on.
> Inspect vehicle for needed services.

Diagnosis / Work done:

> Tested vehicle,dtc 2513 was present.Removed intake manifold and decarbonized.
> Removed fuel injetor and resurfaced diesel fuel injector seat.
> Replaced fuel injector return line.
> Installed new fuel injector and seal.
> Replaced both front struts.
> Tested and replaced left front lower ball joint.
> Tested and replaced auxiliary battery.
> Mercede Benz scheduled “A” service.
> Flushed brake system.
> Flushed cooling system.
> Mount and balanced four tires.
> Four wheel alignment.