Mercedes Benz C55 Service and Repair From North Bethesda, MD.

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Coolant leak under the hood.
Install all hub caps.
Replace hood emblem.
Steering won’t adjust.
Maryland inspection.
Window tint.
Mount and balance two front tires.
Front suspension is noisy.
There is fluid leaking under vehicle.
Engine does not crank intermittently.

Diagnosis/ Work done:
Tested and replaced auxiliary water pump.
Installed all hub caps.
Installed hood emblem.
Tested steering wheel adjusting operation. Removed steering column assembly and replaced up/down position motor coupling.Check for operation after repair.
Maryland inspection.
Tint windows.
Mount & balance two tires.
Inspect and replaced left front lower control arm.
Inspect for transmission oil leaks.Replaced transmission connector and re set fluid level.
Tested and replace starter motor.