BMW 530I

Complaints / Requests: Coolant is leaking under the vehicule. Diagnosis / Work done: Performed  radiator pressure test and diagnostic test. Fault code 2E81 was present. Tested and replaced electric water pump and thermostat. Replaced [...]

BMW 530I/IA from ROCKVILLE, MD 20852

Complaints / Requests: Engine is leaking oil. 0 Check engine light is on. Transmission is leaking fluid. Bulb malfunction light is on. Vehicle is due for service. Diagnosis / Work done: Replaced engine oil filter [...]

BMW 530I Service and Repair From Washington, DC.

Complains/Request: Oil and filter change. Service the transmission. Check both front seat back rest operation. Check wipers Check tires Alignment Diagnosis/ Work done: Performed oil and filter change. Serviced transmission with filter and gasket, rested transmission [...]

BMW 530i Service and Repair from Rockville, MD.

Complains/Request: Oil and Filter change. Transmission fluid is dirty. Diagnosis/ Work done: Performed oil and filter change. Engine oil leak from valve cover gasket. Inspected and replaced lower oil pan gasket. Flushed and reset transmission fluid [...]