Complaints / Requests: Oil is leaking under the car. Engine valve cover gasket is leaking. Replace engine air filter. Synthetic oil and filter change. Wipers are chattering. Diagnosis / Work done: Inspected and replaced [...]

BMW 325xi from POTOMAC, MD 20854

Complaints / Requests: Dynamic stability control and transfer case control lights are on. Wiper blades comes on by itself intermittently. Front brakes are worn out. Vehicle is due for service. When it rains right [...]

BMW 325/i/is/ix/xi/c from BETHESDA, MD 20817

2002 BMW 325/i/is/ix/xi/c from BETHESDA, MD 20817 Complaints /Requests: > Check engine light is.Engine has no  power and is shaking. > Air Conditioning stopped working. Diagnosis / Work done: > Tested vehicle codes 227 and 228(fuel [...]

BMW 325/i/is/ix/xi/c from ROCKVILLE, MD 20853

Complaints /Requests: > Steering wheel is hard to turn when car  is first started. Diagnosis / Work done: > Tested vehicle and installed higher capacity LF30 power steering pump and updated pressure hose. This was posted [...]

BMW 325XI Service and Repair From Potomac, MD.

Complains/Request: Oil and filter change. Check engine light is on Power steering is hard. Diagnosis/ Work done: Performed oil and filter change. Tested and replaced electric thermostat and water pump, bleed cooling system after repair, road [...]

BMW 325 Service and Repair From Silver Spring, MD.

Complaints / Requests: Windows are inoperative. Sunroof is inoperative. Low coolant light is on. Front suspension is noisy when driving and making sharp turns. Front suspension is noisy over bumps. Check engine light is on. Engine [...]