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Complaints / Requests:

  • Inside edge of right rear tire is worn out excessively.
  • Front suspension is knocking when brakes are applied in slow speeds.
  • Engine coolant level is low.
  • Check engine light is on.
  • Engine oil consumption is high.
  • Right rear view mirror is inoperative.
  • Vehicle is due for service.

Diagnosis / Work done:

  • Right rear upper control arms bushings were broken and left side bushings were cracked.
  • Replaced both rear upper control arms bushings.
  • Replaced both front thrust arms bushings.
  • Performed four wheel alignment.
  • Suspension is lowered.
  • Alignment is not within specifications.
  • Pressure tested cooling system.
  • Replaced radiator, upper and lower hoses, auxiliary fan switch and heater core hose to radiator.
  • Performed smoke test.
  • After market air intake boot and maf sensor housing were leaking vacuum.
  • Installed new silicone air intake hose and resealed maf sensor housing.
  • Tested vehicle codes 2A2F and 2A2E were present.
  • Both intake manifold runners were jammed open.
  • Replaced intake manifold runners.
  • Cleaned excessive amount of oil from inside intake manifold.
  • Tested and replaced engine oil separator and hoses.
  • Tested and replaced left front window switch.
  • Flushed engine oil.
  • Replaced spark plugs.
  • Replaced transmission fluid.
  • Replaced transfer case fluid.
  • Flushed brake fluid.
  • Replaced front and rear differential fluid.
  • Replaced right front wheel.
  • Replaced camshaft adjuster gasket.
My Car characteristics
Make BMW
Model 330
Year 2006
Year performed 2016
Month performed Febuary

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