BMW 650 Service and Repair From Potomac, MD.

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Engine oil is leaking under vehicle.
Check engine light is on.
Vehicle vibrates at highway speeds.
Inspect vehicle for needed services.

Diagnosis/ Work done:
Tested and resealed upper timing covers, replaced valve cover gaskets and spark plug tubes, eccentric shaft sensor gaskets and camshaft solenoid o-rings.
Replaced alternator seal.
Tested and replaced brake vacuum pump due to excessive engine oil leak from middle housing seal.
Tested vehicle code P0173 was present, Tested engine for vacuum leaks, replaced both crankshaft case vent valves.
Repaired both front and right rear bent wheels.
Replaced all tire pressure monitoring system sensors and reprogrammed. Filled all tires with nitrogen.
Synthetic oil and filter change.
Replaced engine air filter.
Replaced windshield wiper blades.