BMW 530I/IA from ROCKVILLE, MD 20852

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Complaints / Requests:

  • Engine is leaking oil. 0
  • Check engine light is on.
  • Transmission is leaking fluid.
  • Bulb malfunction light is on.
  • Vehicle is due for service.

Diagnosis / Work done:

  • Replaced engine oil filter stand gasket.
  • Replaced engine oil dipstick breather hose.
  • Replaced leaking vanos oil feed line.
  • Tested vehicle,code 279B was present. Tested and replaced engine coolant thermostat.
  • Tested and replaced transmission oil pan,electronic connector sleeve and  valve body to transmission seal.
  • Replaced right daytime running light bulb.
  • Synthetic oil and filter change.
  • Flushed power steering fluid.
My Car caracteristics
Make BMW
Model 530I/IA
Year 2004
Year performed 2016
Month performed March