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Complaints / Requests:
Fluid is leaking under vehicle.
Inspect transmission fluid.
Front suspension is noisy.
Inspect vehicle for needed services.
Engine is leaking coolant.
Engine is noisy.
4 wheel alignment.
Inspect brakes.
Low oil level light is on.

Diagnosis / Work done:
Oil leak from oil filter area. Inspected and replaced oil filter stand gasket.
Flushed transmission fluid.
Tested and replaced loose front sway bar links.
Engine oil is leaking from engine valve cover.
Tested and replaced engine valve cover gasket and seals.
Coolant leak under the car. Tested and replaced coolant expansion tank, water pump, thermostat and expansion tank cap.
Bleed the cooling system after repair and pressure tested.
serpentine belt is noisy. Tested and replaced serpentine belt, idler pulley, belt tensioner, a/c belt tensioner.
Performed oil and filter change.
Replaced engine air filter.
Flushed brake fluid.
Front brakes are worn out. Replaced front brake rotors, pads and sensor.
Low engine oil light is on intermittently. Tested and replaced oil level sensor.
Both front tension control arm bushings are cracked. Replaced both front tension control arms.
Four wheel alignment.
Replaced cabin filter.
Replaced windshield wiper blades.