BMW 528i/ia from ROCKVILLE, MD 20852

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Complaints / Requests:
– Engine is cranking slowly.
– Front tension control arm bushings are cracked.
– Engine valve cover is leaking oil on the exhaust.
– Engine oil pan is leaking.
– Engine hood falls down.
– Vehicle is due for service.
– Four wheel alignment.

Diagnosis / Work done:
– Recharged battery and tested charging system.
– Performed current draw test.
– Charging system and battery passed the test.
– Replaced starter motor and retested.
– All components are operating within specifications.
– Replaced both front tension control arm bushings.
– Valve cover was cracked and leaked oil at cylinder 5 spark plug tube.
– Replaced valve cover.
– Replaced oil pan gasket.
– Replaced hood struts.
– Performed oil and filter change.
– Flushed brake fluid.
– Replaced front brake rotors,pads and sensor.
– Four wheel alignment.