BMW 325 Service and Repair From Silver Spring, MD.

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Complaints / Requests:
Windows are inoperative.
Sunroof is inoperative.
Low coolant light is on.
Front suspension is noisy when driving and making sharp turns.
Front suspension is noisy over bumps.
Check engine light is on.
Engine misfiring.
Vehicle vibrates when steering wheel is turned.
Engine is vibrating excessively at stop lights.
Steering rack boots are broken open.
Inspect brakes.
Inspect vehicle for needed services.
Inspect tires.
4 wheel alignment.
Engine cranks slowly.

 Diagnosis / Work done:
Tested and replaced all window regulators and right front window motor.
Tested and replaced sunroof motor.
Tested and replaced engine thermostat, water pump, both radiator hoses and auxiliary fan switch.
Pressure tested cooling system.
Tested and replaced both front axles and seals.
Tested and replaced sway bar links.
Tested and replaced spark plugs and cylinder #1 ignition coil.
Tested and replaced power steering pump and leaking hoses.
Tested and replaced engine and transmission mounts.
Tested and replaced power steering rack boots.
Inspected and replaced front brake pads, rotors and sensors.
Flushed engine oil and added ceramic additive.
Brake fluid flush.
Remove & replace cabin air filter.
Remove & replace air filter.
Mount & balance four tires.
Four wheel alignment.
Tested and replaced battery.
Tested charging system.
Cleared all under voltage codes.