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Complaints / Requests:

  • Dynamic stability control and transfer case control lights are on.
  • Wiper blades comes on by itself intermittently.
  • Front brakes are worn out.
  • Vehicle is due for service.
  • When it rains right front carpet gets wet.

Diagnosis / Work done:

  • Tested vehicle no diagnostic trouble codes were present.
  • Inspected windshield cowl water drains,water has leaked into dsc control module connector and shorted control module due to drains stoppage.
  • Cleared all drains.Replaced dsc control module and programmed.Dried and cleaned carpets.
  • Tested vehicle, could not communicate with steering column control module.
  • Replaced steering column control module assembly and programmed.
  • Synthetic oil and filter change.
  • Tested and replaced cabin air filter.
  • Performed water leak test.
  • Removed right side glove box,fuse box and right front door panel.
  • Inspected for water leaks and replaced right front door outer window moulding.
My Car caracteristics
Make Mercedes
Model G55
Year 2009
Year performed 2016
Month performed Febuary

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