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Complaints / Requests:
Check engine light is on.
Transmission has a leak.
Coolant leak under the car.
Oil leak under the car.
Replace spark plugs.
Oil change.

Diagnosis / Work done:
Transmission has an oil leak. Replaced transmission output shaft seal.
Coolant leak back of the engine. Replaced coolant return hose.
Inspected engine for oil leaks replaced both valve cover gaskets.
Power steering reservoir tank is leaking. Replaced power steering reservoir tank and bled the system.
Spark plugs are worn out. Tested and replaced spark plugs.
Performed oil and filter change.
Check engine light is on. Smoke tested and replaced purge control valve.
Replaced both cam sensors bank one and cleared the codes.
Expansion tank is cracked and thermostat is leaking.
Replaced coolant tank and coolant thermostat.
Replaced coolant temperature sensor and bled the cooling system.