Check engine light is on.
Oil is leaking from transmission.
Coolant is leaking under the car.
Drive belt is squeaking.
Vehicle is due for maintenance service.
Rear suspension sinks down.
Mount and balance four tires.
Four wheel alignment.
Rear bumper and right rear door are damaged.
Headlight lenses are cloudy.
Detail vehicle.
Squeaking noise from belts.
Front differential needs a service.
Air suspension light comes on intermittently.

Performed diagnostic test and smoke test.
Fault codes P0172,P0175,P0101 were present.
Tested and replaced air mass meter and cleaned throttle valve.
Replaced transmission fluid,oil pan,mechatronic seal and electrical plug sleeve.
Pressure tested cooling system and replaced water pump.
Replaced serpentine belt and a/c compressor belt.
Replaced front brake rotors,pads and sensor.
Replaced rear brake rotors pads and sensor.
Flushed engine with synthetic oil and filter change.
Flushed brake fluid.
Serviced front differential.
Replaced wiper blades.
Performed diagnostic test.Fault codes C1A75,C1A06 were present.
Tested and replaced right rear level sensor and both rear struts.
Mount and balance four tires.
Four wheel alignment
Repaired and painted right rear door and rear bumper.
EGL Buffed headlights.
Wet sanded,buffed and detailed vehicle.

My Car caracteristics
Make Land Rover
Model Range Rover Sport
Year 2006
Year performed 2016
Month performed April