Complaints /Requests:

  • Engine cut off and does not restart.
  • Engine temperature is higher than normal.
  • Exhaust is noisy.
  • Engine is vibrating excessively.
  • A/C system is not cold.
  • Check engine light is on.
  • Synthetic oil and filter change.

Diagnosis / Work done:

  • Tested vehicle and replaced fuel pump.
  • Replaced engine cooling fan clutch and noisy drive belt idler pulleys.
  • Removed exhaust manifolds and replaced broken studs.
  • Welded cracked exhaust flanges on exhaust pipes and reassembled exhaust system.
  • Replaced engine mounts.
  • Tested and repaired A/C compressor wire harness.
  • Tested vehicle and replaced mass air flow meter,spark plugs,engine air filter and fuel tank cap.
  • Repaired air intake tube.
  • Synthetic oil and filter change.
My Car caracteristics
Make Range Rover
Model Discovery
Year 2003
Year performed 2015
Month performed July