Front suspension is noisy.
Check engine light is on.
Engine is vibrating excessively when transmission is in gear.
A/C is not cold.
Engine is squeaking.
Steering wheel feels loose.
Front suspension feels loose.
Vehicle vibrates when driven at highway speeds.
Gear shifter is loose.
4 wheel alignment.
Right windshield washer nozzle is not spraying.

Diagnosis/ Work done:
Replaced front lower control arms ball joints.
Replaced front lower control arms bushings.
Tested and replaced spark plugs and connectors.
Replaced engine and transmission mounts.
Replaced A/C compressor lines seals.
Replaced engine belts, tensioner and pulleys.
Replaced Steering center link, idler arm bushing and steering damper.
Replaced front shock absorbers.
Replaced cracked front flex disc.
Replaced transmission shift linkage bushings.
Replaced front brake discs, pads and sensors.
Synthetic oil and filter change.
Four wheel alignment.
Replaced right windshield washer nozzle.