BMW – 528i

Complaints / Requests: Flush brake system. Synthetic oil and filter change. Low coolant indicator light is on. Mount and balance four tires. Four wheel alignment. Left front wheel rim is bent. Belt tensioner pulley is [...]

BMW – X3 28i

Complaints / Requests: Front brakes are worn out. Front wheels sound like a grinder while driving. Diagnosis / Work done: Tested and replaced front brakes pads,rotors and sensor. Road tested and replaced both front wheel [...]

BMW – X5 4.8i

Complaints / Requests: Check engine light and transfer case limp modes lights 159.41 are on.Codes 5F77,2D32,2CF8,2CF9,2CFA,2D13,55C3 are present. Left rear suspension is sinking. Rotate tires. Reprogram all control units. Diagnosis / Work done: Tested and [...]

BMW – X5

Complaints / Requests: A/C belt is broken and A/C not cooling. Diagnosis / Work done: A/C compressor clutch bearing was locked up.Replaced A/C compressor and compressor belt.Recover and Recharged A/C system with dye. My [...]

BMW – 328i

Complaints / Requests: Drive Belt Tensioner is coming a part. Front Tension control arm bushings are cracked. Rear Shocks are leaking. Left front axle shaft seal is leaking. Spark plugs are worn out. Rear Brakes [...]

BMW – 325Ci

Complaints / Requests: Rear brakes are worn out. Coolant is leaking under the car. Oil and filter change. Diagnosis / Work done: Replaced rear brake rotors,pads and sensor. Pressure Tested and Replaced coolant radiator,expansion tankand [...]

BMW X5 3.0i from DARNESTOWN, MD 20878-

Complaints / Requests: Engine partition trims are broken. Engine is vibrating excessively. All instrument cluster lights are on.Right rear door speaker crackles when ignition is off. Diagnosis / Work done: Replaced trims. Tested and replaced [...]

2006 BMW 750Li from Germantown, MD 20876

Complaints / Requests: Engine has excessive vibration. Engine is leaking oil. Synthetic oil and filter change. Hood emblem is missing. Diagnosis / Work done: Lowered engine sub frame.Left engine mount bracket bolts were missing.Replaced both [...]

BMW M3 from BETHESDA, MD 20817

Complaints / Requests: Engine does not crank. Accelerator pedal linkage is broken. Synthetic oil and filter change. Diagnosis / Work done: Tested and Replaced Alternator and Battery. Replaced accelerator pedal assembly. Synthetic oil and filter [...]

BMW 525i from WASHINGTON, DC 20016

Complaints / Requests: Engine is cutting off while driving. Engine is leaking oil. Coolant is leaking under the car Engine oil level is low. Flush power steering system. Wipers are chattering. Diagnosis / Work done: [...]