BMW X5 3.0i from DARNESTOWN, MD 20878-

Complaints / Requests: Engine partition trims are broken. Engine is vibrating excessively. All instrument cluster lights are on.Right rear door speaker crackles when ignition is off. Diagnosis / Work done: Replaced trims. Tested and [...]

2006 BMW 750Li from Germantown, MD 20876

Complaints / Requests: Engine has excessive vibration. Engine is leaking oil. Synthetic oil and filter change. Hood emblem is missing. Diagnosis / Work done: Lowered engine sub frame.Left engine mount bracket bolts were missing.Replaced [...]

BMW M3 from BETHESDA, MD 20817

Complaints / Requests: Engine does not crank. Accelerator pedal linkage is broken. Synthetic oil and filter change. Diagnosis / Work done: Tested and Replaced Alternator and Battery. Replaced accelerator pedal assembly. Synthetic oil and [...]

BMW 525i from WASHINGTON, DC 20016

Complaints / Requests: Engine is cutting off while driving. Engine is leaking oil. Coolant is leaking under the car Engine oil level is low. Flush power steering system. Wipers are chattering. Diagnosis / Work [...]

BMW 335 series from ROCKVILLE, MD 20851

Complaints/Requests Engine is smoking excessively and lacks power. Engine oil pan is leaking. Engine coolant is low. Diagnosis/Requests: Replaced both turbochargers,cleaned catalytic converters,intercooler and hoses,changed engine oil and filter. Replaced lower oil pan gasket. [...]

BMW Z4 from ROCKVILLE, MD 20852

Complaints/Requests Check engine light is on. Diagnosis/Requests Performed diagnostic test.Fault codes P0300 and P0302 were present. Replaced all ignition coils and spark plugs. My Car caracteristics Make BMW Model Z4 Year 2011 Year performed [...]

BMW 535 Series from BOYDS, MD 20841

Complaints / Requests: Front brakes are worn out. Front tension control arm bushings are leaking fluid. Synthetic oil and filter change. Diagnosis / Work done: Replaced front brake rotors pads and sensor. Replaced both [...]

BMW 530I/IA from ROCKVILLE, MD 20852

Complaints / Requests: Engine is leaking oil. 0 Check engine light is on. Transmission is leaking fluid. Bulb malfunction light is on. Vehicle is due for service. Diagnosis / Work done: Replaced engine oil [...]

BMW 325xi from POTOMAC, MD 20854

Complaints / Requests: Dynamic stability control and transfer case control lights are on. Wiper blades comes on by itself intermittently. Front brakes are worn out. Vehicle is due for service. When it rains [...]


Complaints / Requests: Engine oil level display shows too high. Check engine light is on. Diagnosis / Work done: Performed diagnostic test, no codes were present. Drained engine oil and measured the amount,there was [...]