2008 BMW 535 series from GAITHERSBURG, MD 20878

Complaints /Requests:
– Engine oil is leaking under the car.
– Vehicle is due for oil and filter change.
– Rear tires are worn out.
– Engine fan is running at high speed  when ignition is on.
– Right side of vehicle is damaged.
– Four wheel alignment.
– Windshield washer is inoperative.

Diagnosis / Work done:
– Replaced engine oil pan gasket.
– Synthetic oil and filter change.
– Replaced rear tires.
– Performed diagnostic test.
– Found code 2E84 for electric water pump failure.
– Tested and replaced engine water pump and thermostat.
– Repaired and painted right corners of both bumpers, right fender, quarter panel, right front door handle, rear view mirror cover and blended.
– Four wheel alignment.
– Tested and replaced windhield washer pump.